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Meet our Engineering Manager at Cogoport - Anuj Gangwar Anuj's love for problem solving is second to none.....with banana cake being a close second. His knack of solving problems is well reflected in his Bengaluru's team which has been catalysing Cogoport's growth for the past 6 months. He has meticulously evaluated the use cases needed for streamlined delivery and a sound financial system and converted the same into a holistic product integral to the organisation's functioning. He has further ensured a sound metric evaluation system by facilitating a wide array of internal reports consumable across the organisation. Apart from his host of tools which have eradicated operational hassles for Cogoport, Anuj's shot to fame can also be owed to the free lunches he throws for his people.

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About Anmol:

Prior to joining Cogoport, Anmol was into the coolest profession of developing games. His fascination with web applications is what led to him crossing paths with us. He instantly made his mark at Cogoport with a personalized emailing tool for the corporation. His reshaping of our website led to him becoming our senior software developer looking over the fresh recruits and mentoring them with his technical expertise. He introduced Cogoport into the world of open source communities by publishing our first-ever library -  Cogo-Toast. Always known to have an invigorating presence, Anmol believes in putting himself in a person’s place before evaluating them in any way. When not coding,  he can be found indulging in any game or binge-watching some series, which he claims is important research!

About Sanjeev:

Proclaimed as the wizard of coding by his colleagues, Sanjeev does not have a time boundary when it comes to office hours. He has been responsible for the transition of our backend architecture from monolithic to microservices. Sanjeev thrives on perfection and new challenges. One can never find him satisfied with his work as he believes that it could’ve been better. When not using his expertise to find out new ways to increase our backend’s efficiency, Sanjeev likes to indulge himself in movies. As dedicated and severe he is during work hours, a polar opposite personality of Sanjeev can be witnessed if you every tag along with him to a party.