My first week at Cogoport​

First days are always the toughest. You want to look your best and make a great first impression. You're pumped up about starting the new job for which you have worked so hard. However, when the day arrives to join the office, no outfit feels perfect, and the only emotion you may be experiencing is panic.

I stood outside the Cogoport office, terrified and filled with anxiety. This was it, my first step into the corporate sector. My friends teased me about my life confiding to a cubicle from now on. That wasn’t at all encouraging.

But it had taken a lot of effort to reach here. So, keeping all these emotions in check, I stepped into the next chapter of my life.

Friendly workplace environment. Where you work vastly affects your productivity, and Cogoport understood that and have created an office designed to provide the best possible working atmosphere. Your work station was the whole office, and there were no boundaries, It is almost as if I’d had stepped into a cafeteria and not an office. I was quite pleased to see that the place where I would be working had such a cool ambience. Soon my HR came to greet me and take me to complete the formalities. Once the onboarding was done, it was official. I was a ‘Cogoporter’.

A workplace designed to make you love your job

My expectations for the first week were quite modest. Being a fresher, I did not expect much to happen. But boy was I so wrong.

First came the introductory session. The aim of this session was to help me understand the business of the company better. We covered the shipping industry, I became an expert on ‘Incoterms’, the rules for buyers and sellers for deliveries and I was immersed in the role played by Cogoport in the whole shipping process.

After this discussion, I realised that the infrastructure wasn't the only reason for the company having a friendly workplace environment. I was made aware that there was no hierarchy here. You do not report to anyone, and no one reports to you. All the people working at the firm held the same authority. They believed that creating a pyramid hierarchy creates communication boundaries which hamper the growth of both the employees and the organisation. There would be people to mentor you, but no one to manage you. The firm also had no dress code. It says that a person's capability could not be judged by the clothes they wear but by the skills they portray. I need not have worried about my wardrobe choices that morning after all.

And with this realisation, my first day concluded.

The second day was even more eventful. It was the beginning of my tech sessions, where I was first explained about GitHub. I learned how the firm uses it to contribute to the open-source community and I discovered how much planning goes into ensuring that good coding practices are implemented. The next sessions were on Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is an application framework that is used to design websites and apps using the Ruby programming language. Normally induction training ends with the close of the formal session. Not so at Cogoport where I was given a practice task to complete in the next four days.

A mammoth of task was given. But so were the skills to achieve it.

I was asked to create a miniature version of the company's website. This meant that in the next four days, I had to develop a backend for certain functions of the site and also design the corresponding front end for it. Although it might have felt like an impossible task before I had joined this firm, with the knowledge I had gained in the past two days, it felt achievable. With the guidance of my mentors, I was able to complete the backend in two days and then the frontend in the remaining days. Not only did this practice run help me implement the knowledge I had just gained, but also completed my work under a deadline.

And so that was my first week at Cogoport. I had walked into the office with many corporate sector myths. But all of them were busted by the end of the week. As a fresher, it was the best kind of exposure I could ask for to learn and thrive. At Cogoport, there are no restrictions to what you work on, when you work on it and how you work on it. You help the firm grow, and the firm does the same, that's the motto on which the company operates.